Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Implement a robust loyalty program to encourage repeat visits and increase customer loyalty.

Customer earning rewards with restaurant loyalty program


By implementing a robust loyalty program, you encourage repeat visits and enhance customer loyalty. Hyteno helps you craft rewards programs that seamlessly align with your unique business model and cater to the specific preferences of your customers.

Customer getting personalized gift cards and vouchers from restaurants


Say goodbye to manual record-keeping – Hyteno automates the entire process. Loyalty points are automatically added to customer accounts with every purchase and meticulously tracked, eliminating the hassle of manual input and ensuring accuracy.

Streamline automated loyalty and reward schemes on every purchase


Hyteno ensures that your customers stay informed and engaged by receiving instant alerts about earned points and available rewards. Customers are promptly informed of their loyalty points accumulation and can easily track their progress.

Encourage repeat visits by notifying them of their available rewards
Data Analysis

Track participation and program effectiveness

Integration with Other Features

Works in synergy with other Hyteno features

Rewards for frequent visits, like a free dish after 10 purchases
Bonus points for special occasions like birthdays or holidays
Seasonal or event-specific rewards

Take your restaurant to next level with hyteno today

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Hyteno provides affordable digital solutions for restaurants to help them grow, and build customer loyalty.

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