Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Provide your customers with a seamless, integrated online ordering experience, increasing convenience and boosting your sales.

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Simple User Interface

Hyteno provides customers with a seamless and user-friendly platform, allowing them to browse your menu, customize their orders, and complete transactions with ease.

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Centralized Management

By consolidating orders from various platforms, Hyteno simplifies the management process, allowing your restaurant to efficiently handle incoming orders in real time. Monitor order statuses, track deliveries, and manage inventory.

Online food delivery for restaurants

Secure Payments

Hyteno ensures secure payments by seamlessly integrating with trusted and reliable payment gateways. Let your restaurant offer your customers a safe and convenient payment experience, enhancing trust and confidence in online transactions.

Customer doing payment online after ordering food online
Personalization Options

Allows customers to personalize their orders (additions, removals, comments).

Real-Time Notifications

Alerts for staff and customers at every stage of the order.

Special offers for online orders, like discounts or free items"
Seasonal or themed menus available exclusively online.
Advance ordering options for special events or busy times.

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Hyteno provides affordable digital solutions for restaurants to help them grow, and build customer loyalty.

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