Restaurant Review Manager

Boost your restaurant’s online reputation effortlessly. With Hyteno streamline automated review requests, manage reviews across all platforms & much more.

Manage your restaurant review in an automated way to increase rating and gain feedback


Hyteno’s automated system will help you send review requests automatically after each visit or purchase. Get more positive reviews, save your time, and effortlessly run your restaurant’s marketing.

Automated feedback requests to customers to get more positive restaurant reviews

Intelligent Filtering

Our system automatically filters negative reviews and highlights positive reviews. Build more trust online, save more time, and make your online presence smart.

Perform sentiment analysis of customer reviews to save time

Data Analysis

Get insights into your restaurant's performance from collected reviews. Make the right decisions for your restaurant, your website, and strengthen your online presence.

Data driven review management for restaurants
Social Network Integration

Hyteno makes it easy for you to share positive reviews on your social platforms. Save time, and effortlessly promote your restaurant.

GDPR Compliance

Your data is safe with Hyteno. All data is collected and stored in compliance with privacy regulations. We follow the rules and regulations to serve you best.

Targeted marketing campaigns based on customer feedback.
Menu or service improvements based on feedback collected.
Sharing positive reviews in newsletters or on social networks.

Take your restaurant to next level with hyteno today

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Hyteno provides affordable digital solutions for restaurants to help them grow, and build customer loyalty.

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