Online Reservation System For Restaurants

Make the reservation process easier for your customers and optimize the management of your tables with our integrated online reservation system.

Table booking with online restaurant reservation system

Ease of Use

With our integrated online reservation system, your customers can effortlessly secure their tables through a user-friendly interface. Intuitive features guide them through the booking process, allowing for convenient selection of date, time, and party size.

Perform table management to increase customer reservation  in the restaurant


Hyteno ensures a seamless experience by automatically adding reservations to your management system. As soon as customers make a reservation through your website, the details are effortlessly integrated into your system, eliminating the need for manual data entry

Automate restaurant online reservation process


Hyteno offers dynamic options for both last-minute reservations and real-time adjustments. Customers can make last-minute bookings, and the system accommodates these requests in real-time, optimizing your table occupancy and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Handle last minute online reservation

Automatic alerts for customers and restaurant staff.


Tracking and reporting booking data for better decision-making.

Reservations for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.
Management of group reservations.
Special offers or promotions linked to specific time slots.

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Hyteno provides affordable digital solutions for restaurants to help them grow, and build customer loyalty.

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